The New Children’s Hospital – The current situation, schedule.

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“If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.”

new-hosp-160x60-webDear Friends, Dear Madam, Dear,

We are touching end, we almost succeeded in this crazy challenge to build a new children’s hospital. As you probably know, we still need funds to finish the construction and implement the startup phase in November / December 2016, but for sure before the end of the year 2016.

In this sense, we decided to borrow an amount of 2.5 billion Indonesian Rupiahs ($US 190,000.- / Chf.185,000.- / €169,000.-), which will be invested in this way: 1/3 for our new hospital1/3 for the medical activities1/3 for the Fair Warung Balé.

GOOD TO KNOW: This loan can not be done by the Fair Future Foundation (this is prohibited by Swiss and Indonesian law), its mean that we contracted this loan in proper name. Which means also that I’m personally committed (with a lot of heart and pride) in this extraordinary human adventure, as this loan is contracted under my name. Needless to say that if you want to help us, please feel free to make a donation here

Where you come into play

The project our new children’s hospital, started about a year ago, is the construction of nothing less than a free pediatric hospital which is now 85% completed. Remind that its main purpose is to accommodate over 1’000 disadvantaged per year coming from all over Indonesia. It will cover multiple areas of surgeries such as: Reconstructive, digestive, orthopedic, even heart surgery; as well as the treatments of various physical disabilities.

As you can see, these are not words in the air, it is happening right now! Let’s take it a step further together and include more players in this human adventure:

50-bs-pisangkaja-ariesThe Fair Future Foundation is looking for scientific and financial partners willing to be actors in this project and embark in this healthcare humanitarian mission. Your active participation can be of different nature depending on your own activity: Financial engagement, Material contribution such as but not limited to Medical equipment, disposables, instruments.

Why should you join?

Besides showing your trust and commitment to a great humanitarian cause and making a real difference in the daily life of thousands of human beings, kindly consider the following benefits:

  • Tax exemption certificate for your financial donation;
  • Highlighting of your company’s name to communicate your social and humanitarian involvement
  • Warm welcome to you and your employees to visit us, in order to share our knowledge and experience on the field of our operations.

How to help us?

46-bs-pisangkaja-ariesThe Fair Future Foundation is an Official NGO based in Switzerland, it’s recognized of Pure Public Utilities and Sate Approved, thus also Tax Exempted by the Swiss Confederation. We have a Bank Account in Switzerland and a Paypal Account where people can easily donate.

Support the Foundation through Paypal & Make the Difference with us

Thank you very much for your great support and help and see you soon.

Alex Wettstein – August 2016 – Fair Future Foundation ©All right reserved

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How to say “thank you” in many different languages?

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