Summary of the Free Community Health/Medical Care day, Taro. 13.03.2015

“Remember that the best relationship is one in which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other”


Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear friends,

P1040595There is few dozens of pictures, about our last Free Community Health/Medical Care, append the 13th of March 2015 in Taro Kaja/ Tegalalang –  Bali – Indonesia, where our Foundation help, cure, treat a little bit less than 300 poor and very poor people.

In this occasion, all the Foundation Medical team, (Made, Sri,Yudi, Sintia, Wira, Ika Mahayanti, Diah, Alex, Santika and also Pande, Eka, Danielle, Suwitri, Wayan, Papy, Aris and other volunteers, officials people (and two other new MD/Doctors that i forgot the name;-)), met there, cured, treated a large number of people in a poor condition of malnutrition, severe nutritional deficiencies, visually impaired, blind, suffering from skin diseases, infection and a large panel of health problems in a very advanced stage.

P1040605Actually, an very impressive poverty is more and more present all around Indonesia, in Bali also. Healthcare are incredibly expensive and people no longer have enough money to feed themselves.

The solution? Give Back and share… The example of what makes our Free Medicals Centers, our Health Care facilities, nearly entirely founds by the Fair Warung Balé  and the Fair Future Foundation, is in my opinion, the way to follow.

Definitely, i believe that this is an example of what should be done in order to preserve fairness for all in this world.

P1040547Give Back to these people who’s welcome you here, even a little bit

From the bottom of my heart, i would like to thanks all the Medical Staff of the Fair Future Foundation, to all Angels of the Fair Warung Balé and your incredible support and of course.

Thank you very much for your help and our benevolence.

Alex Wettstein – Founder / President / Nurse of the Fair Future Foundation

The movie of this day in Taro

Some Pictures of this great and beautiful day

P1040429 2
P1040449 11
P1040447 12
P1040446 10
P1040445 8
P1040444 9
P1040441 6
P1040439 5
P1040443 7
P1040420 1
P1040433 3
P1040435 4
P1040447 12
P1040450 13
P1040453 14
P1040455 15
P1040458 16
P1040460 17
P1040464 18
P1040465 19
P1040466 20
P1040467 22
P1040468 21
P1040471 23
P1040476 24
P1040477 25
P1040480 26
P1040490 27
P1040494 28
P1040497 29
P1040502 30
P1040504 31
P1040506 32
P1040507 33
P1040509 34
P1040511 35
P1040512 36
P1040521 37
P1040524 38
P1040529 39
P1040534 40
P1040539 41
P1040540 42
P1040542 43
P1040547 44
P1040551 45
P1040553 46
P1040555 47
P1040564 48
P1040573 49
P1040576 50
P1040577 51
P1040579 52
P1040585 53
P1040586 54
P1040594 55
P1040595 56
P1040597 58
P1040599 57
P1040600 60
P1040602 59
P1040604 61
P1040607 62
P1040610 64
P1040611 63
P1040614 65
P1040616 66
P1040621 67
P1040626 68
P1040628 69
P1040631 70
P1040635 71
P1040640 72
P1040644 73
P1040645 74

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  1. Bonjour à tous,

    En ce nouvel An Balinais 2015, je vous souhaite une année de prospérité, de réussite, de succès de guérison et que vos coeurs soient remplis d’amour, de soleil et d’espoir !
    Je pense à vous tous les jours, je vous envoie tous mes bisous de réconfort, d’amitié et d’admiration devant tant de souffrance !
    Mon regard c’est celui du coeur que je porte à vous tous !


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