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medical team atwork 9 275x275 - Our work in many movies and documentaryDear Friends, Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

There are many movies about our work in Indonesia, helping tens of thousands poor, sick, disabled, disadvantaged human beings per year, without consideration of race, religion, origin, age, color. More or less 75% of our funding, come from a Social Restaurant, the Fair Warung Balé, which trains young people aged between 15 and 20 years old.
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The Foundation movies are broadcasted by Indonesian TV Channels and produced by the Fair Future Foundation. You can also watch all our movies on our Youtube Fair Future Foundation channel here.

heart...Take action here, to do with us, a bigger difference... All people in pain, need champions like YOU. Get involved, speak out, volunteer, or become a donor and give to everyone a fair chance to succeed...

Our new Medical Center, from the sky in 1 minute

A one minute movie, form the sky about our new medical center, clinic, hospital in Anjingan. www.fairfuturefoundation.org if you want to be a part of this incredible human adventure. Much love for you, from all of us.

15.09.2018 | Free Health & Medical care in Ban, Karangasem

One beautiful day in Ban, Karangasem, helping hundreds needy people. The foundation medical staff provides them free health and medical care, food donation, blood tests et love. With french comments by Alex Wettstein, president and founder of the Fair Future Foundation. www.fairfuturefoundation.org if you also wish to support this incredible program.

Free Health & Medical Care day - Samu, the 17.08.2018 - 220 patients

One full day of free health and medical care by the Fair Future Foundation In Samu, Kaler, Singapadu, with the Foundation Medical Staff. A very rainy day actually... Such big operation is possible thanks our social restaurant, the Fair Warung Balé. A unique model worldwide based on the principle of self sufficiency. The Balé give back 100% of our profits to the foundation & Medical Care programs. The Fair Future Foundation an Official Swiss NGO care 32,000 people/year, develops major projects …

BCV Solidarité 2018 - La fondation a été choisie...

...a été choisie par les collaborateurs de la Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV), et a reçu un montant de CHF 150,000.- pour équiper son nouvel hôpital à Klungkung Bali, Indonésie. Un film réalisé par le service média & information de la BCV et diffusé via un communiqué de presse le 15 août 2018. 15.08.2018: www.bcv.ch et www.fairfuturefoundation.org

Equipment of our new medical center - Dental clinic: Done

Our new medical structure is openning step by step now... But as a first step, this center will include a dentistry and there is a small movie about it. But it will include services of hemodialysis, midwife, emergency center and a fully equipped ambulance, laboratory services, medical consultations, mide-wife services, ultrasonography services, physiotherapy, one pharmacy, one fully equiped laboratory. In addition: Adult and pediatric medical consultations, pregnancy support, sexually transmi…

One day of Free health & Medical Care in Buleleng Pakisan

One full day of free health and medical care in Buleleng Pakisan, Bali Indonesia with the medical team of the Fair Future Foundation, which took place on June 10, 2018. 150 patients treated this day, thanks to all of you from the Fair Warung Balé by the Fair Future Foundation. Much love for you and don't forget to support us on the https://www.fairfuturefoundation.org website dear friends. Thank you so much.

Bebandem | 10.05.18 | The movie of this day | 323 patients treated

Free Health & Medical care day for 323 people. May 10th, 2018. Started at 4:30AM, more than 200 kms, 6 cars, 200 kilos of medicaments, 500 kilos of food donation, 5 doctors, 8 nurses, 22 angel's form the Fair Warung Balé and all others staff from the Foundation left to Bebandem for an incredible day. More infos here: https://www.fairfuturefoundation.org/bebandem-10-05-18-summary-of-our-day-323-patients-treated-this-day-for-our-anniversary/

Présentation de la fondation en 30 minutes. Equipment de l'hôpital

Voici une présentation Keynote© de la Fondation, qui parle de la Fair Future Foundation, de notre nouvel hôpital et du début de sa phase d'équipement. Nous sommes désormais à bout touchant. Il nous faut désormais beaucoup de matériel médical... "Un hôpital sans lit, c'est comme du fromage sans pain, c'est pas génial!". La page dédiée: https://www.fairfuturefoundation.org/presentation-de-la-fondation-en-30-minutes-equipement-medical-de-notre-hopital/ Merci infiniment. Alex, fondateur et prési…

6 minutes about the concept of self-sufficiency applied by the Fair Future Foundation

Self-sufficiency applied by the Fair Future Foundation is not something that is improvised, but some thing that is created. It took time, willingness, patience. How a group of 25 young people aged 15 to 23, thanks to their work, through their commitment, are funding medical care for more than 32,000 people every year. www.fairfuturefoundation.org

The 5th anniversary of the Bali Sari Foundation – By the Fair Future Foundation

The 10.05.18 for the 5th anniversary of the Bali Sari Foundation, rather than party for this very special day for all of us, we’ve decided to share this moment with those who need medical attention and medical treatments. This anniversary will be held as part of a big and very special Free Health & Medical care day, in Bebandem Village, we will welcome more than 350 patients that day, all the medical staff, doctors and nurses will be there to care people. Thank you very much for your interest, …

One full day of home care around Kintamani

More than 150 kilometers, treated more than 50 patients, including 17 children, met people starving, others without even a roof, other elderly people sleeping on the floor suffers from terrible physical and mental deficiencies, we also makes 35 food donations to 35 people who really need to eat. Read more here: https://www.fairfuturefoundation.org/home-care-vilages-around-kintamani-15-05-18/

Each one of us... Free Health & Medical Care in April 2018

Every day, every week, the Fair Future Foundation NGO - www.fairfuturefoundation.org treat, care, comfort hundreds of patients on each medical event, and among them, newborns, young children, teens, young adults, pregnant woman, elederly. All those suffering from diseases and problems mainly related to fatigue, malnutrition, nutritional deficiencies, infections, skin diseases, untreated diabetes, infected wounds, many young kids are suffering from respiratory infections, asthma, chronic bronchit…

Salombo, Bondalem | 22.04.18 | Summary of our day | 182 patients treated this day

On the Sunday April 22nd 2018, we went to Salombo - Bondalem, a very small village in the middle of the forest. We treated, cared, comforted over 182 patients, so almost the entire population of this village, 50% of your patients were young children, many teens and few newborns. Young adults, very old people, some were not able to walk anymore. Read more here: https://www.fairfuturefoundation.org/salombo-bondalem-22-04-18-summary-of-our-day-182-patients-treated-this-day/

Free Health & Medical Car day in Tabanan the 01.04.18

Dear friends, there is a new short film to summarize our action of April 1st, 2018 in Tabanan. A day during which the Fair Future Foundation NGO has had the joy and great pleasure of treating, caring, helping more than 270 sick people. Thank you very much for your great support and your help for the Fair Future Foundation and if you also want to participate, feel free to support us by clicking on this link. www.fairfuturefoundation.org/donate.

Alex fait le point sur le matériel médical manquant

Après avoir surmontés tous les obstacles, notre hôpital et terminé, il est beau et sera fonctionnel a 100% dans les 12 mois a venir. Le dernier obstacle est le manque de financement pour acquérir le matériel médical utile et nécéssaire pour pourvoir opérer, soigner, traiter les personnes malades, accidentées comme l’attendent des milliers de familles, enfants, patients. Alex, en français, vous explique les tenants et aboutissants de cette démarche. www.fairfuturefoundation.org

When wealth is not shared, this is a possible consequence

This woman became ill about ten years ago. But that's what happens when the wealth is only too little shared: This family, this woman aged thirty at that time, without any financial resources, because of a very modest family that can also be called "poor family", did not know, could not receive help. Even worse, people here do not know where to go to get free medical care. No money, no medical care, so let's die then! https://www.fairfuturefoundation.org/when-wealth-is-not-shared-desease-due-to-…

Galih & Untalan | 11.03.18 | Over 400 patients treated this day

300 kilograms of food, 200 kilograms of medicine, the medical equipment for examinations and medical care. Over 400 patients, newborns, a lot of young children, many teens, young adults, pregnant woman, very old people, some were not able to walk anymore. www.fairfuturefoundation.org

Untalan - 11.03.18 - 400patients treated there

A small village, Untalan in Karangasem, less than 3 kilometers from the Volcano Agung in Bali. The Fair Future Foundation medical team treated that day many people... A one minute clip...

Tons of drugs every year by the Fair Future Foundation

11.03.18 - Untalan, Karangasem. Each year, the Foundation medical team provides for free over 1,500 kilos of drugs to sick and suffering people. www.fairfuturefoundation.org

Abangsongan | 04.03.18 | Summary of our day | Over 260 patients treated this day

Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear friends and dear families, The March, 4th 2018 was for the medical team and some of the Fair Warung Balé Angel’s a long, busy but beautiful day. We left from our Medical Center in Ubud around 7:00 am, a team composed of our medical coordinator, 3 doctors, 4 nurses, 1 pharmacist, 2 board members of the Bali Sari Foundation, our photographer and 3 people from our office responsible for collecting patient data and the people who come to medical care. Read more info her…

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