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“Live is to act; act is occurring; happen is take self something equal to itself”

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Dear Friends,

230316-15The Fair Future Foundation cares and treats tens of thousands poor, sick, disable, disadvantaged human beings per year, without consideration of race, religion, origin, age, color. A quick presentation here and many movies here.

The Fair Future Foundation provides them with FREE Health & Medical Care Solutions, through our Medical Centers, Home Care Programs & Community Health Medical Care Events all around, especially in West Nusa Tenggara area, in Indonesia. Our patients are coming from everywhere: Newborns, babies, kids, teenagers, adults, elderly, pregnant women, disabled people, patients suffering from all forms of diseases etc…

210316-27More or less 80% to 90% of our funding comes from a Social Restaurant, the Fair Warung Balé, which trains young people aged between 15 and 21 years old.

This concept is unique in the whole world. How to build a Pediatric Hospital, how to care & treat more than 30,000 patient per year with a small social Warung? With sandwiches, Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, juices, Tuna Tartare and tons of Love? How a New Economic Model, give back to the poorest and people who are really in need and definitely not the richest people?

66.new-hospThe Foundation began in May 2015, the building of a New Pediatric hospital, which will serve a population of one thousand children per year. The Foundation wants to make Health & Medical care more accessible for Indonesian babies and children. To take things further, here at Fair Future Foundation we are now in the process of building Pediatric Center dedicated to every Indonesian child, to treat serious medical cases, such as cases of reconstructivedigestiveorthopedic, abdominal and heart surgery. This Pediatric Hospital will also provide, basic surgical and emergency services in favor of  the local population (+/- 45’000 inhabitants) who don’t have access to basic health & medical care.

This is the Fair Future Foundation and this is what makes us unique in the world. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover…

Thank you for your interest, your benevolence and your incredible commitment.

 Alexandre Wettstein – President and Founder of both foundations

Our Daily Work at the Foundation – Fully Paid by the Fair Warung Balé, by all of you

Some time-lapse shotted at the Fair Warung Balé

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