Visi kami menghormati misi kami dalam segala hal

Visi yayasan? Inilah cara kami menghormati misi kami bagi mereka yang menderita

Vision and mission... Years of hard work to get here!

The main goal, the vision of the foundation is to treat people, to offer free medical care. As a whole, without any difference. Access to medical care in this huge country of 270 million people (4th world population) is not a right, but a privilege.

The foundation ensures that the conditions of medical care correspond in all respects to those expected by the local population. Meant by that, we provide the bulk, not the superfluous that could be misunderstood by the local authorities.

The FFF tries to never forget that any listening, any speech, any silence, any gesture, any act, as technical as it may be, must always be part of a process governed by the attention to the other .

For the FFF, one of our priorities is, first and foremost, not to create new needs that would not be necessary and therefore superfluous for our beneficiaries. This is a very essential notion for the FFF, and it is also part of our ethical charter.

To carry out our mission, we base ourselves on three pillars

To care: To give real access to healthcare to the populations;
Accompany: More than help, we want to change things in the long run;
Testify: We are not silent.

Thanks to our experience and our presence in the field, we challenge the powers (local, regional and (inter) national) with facts, figures and realities.

Thank you very much to all of you for your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organization.

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