Donasi ke yayasan melalui transfer bank

Berikan untuk menyelamatkan hidup, memberi untuk perawatan, memberikan ke rumah sakit kami dan program medis kami dengan memberikan sumbangan melalui transfer bank

Give to save lives, give for relief, give for our hospital and our medical care programs

Here are other ways to help the foundation if you don't want to use the Internet or PayPal to make a Donation. We have two bank accounts in Switzerland in the name of the Swiss Foundation: The first one at Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (BCV), the second at Credit Suisse. We also have a bank account here in Indonesia, the BCA (Bank Central Indonesia).

The Fair Future Foundation is an Official NGO based in Switzerland. The foundation is recognising of Pure Public utility; State Approved and 100% tax exempted by the Swiss Confederation & the Canton de Vaud.

Your donations are therefore deductible on your tax return in Switzerland but also in all Schengen Area.

I think people forget that it doesn't take a big donation to help someone, just a lot of little donations!

We are pleased to inform you that the Swiss foundation will use 100% of your donation to offer free health &medical care for people in need. Your Donation will help to fund +/- 800 surgical operations/year and +/- 35,000 medical consultations, including medical treatments/year. See our donors here.

Thank you very much to all of you for your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organisation.

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