Proyek-proyek Foundation

Beberapa proyek kami, filosofi kerja kami, tindakan kesehatan masyarakat yang konkret ... Bagaimana kita bekerja setiap hari?

Our goal is simple: Help without limit, help as much as possible!

The Swiss Foundation (FFF) established in 2006 to carry out dozens of community projects, aiming to provide free medical care to the people of Indonesia. We founded the Bali Sari Foundation (BSF) in 2013 -a State Approved Indonesian Foundation- to be able to work legally in this vast country of more than 270 million inhabitants.

From now on, we want to work on behalf of the FFF by establishing its official representation in Indonesia (Read: an office in Indonesia, but the headquarter will remain in Switzerland)

The goal of the FFF is to have a healthier population, supported by the high quality of health care that is equitably accessible. By providing grants to those working in the front line, through research and policy analysis, we are trying to highlight ways to make changes happen. We use what we know on the ground to inform the development of work policies and vice versa. From a dream to reality, that's what we do today - We care over 35,000 patients every year and increase!

We all believe that health and health care are essential to a flourishing society. By sharing what we learn, collaborating with others and building our skills and knowledge, we seek to make a difference and contribute to a healthier population in Indonesia.

To succeed in these multiple projects, from the smallest to the one that seemed unrealizable to us, we count on the collaboration of a team of nearly 100 people to date. From a small first clinic to a pediatric hospital, from a small dispensary to a real pharmacy, from a day of home care to community care days.

For each of our programs, we try to be self-sufficient, thanks to Fair Warung Balé for example. But acute medical care requires more than that! Medicine is an expensive activity, and we need all of you to survive.

Thank you very much to all of you for your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organisation.

Proyek sedang berlangsung

Representasi resmi dari Yayasan di Indonesia

Proses legalisasi Yayasan Swiss di Indonesia dimulai pada Juli 2019 - Pembukaan perwakilan / Cabang resminya di Indonesia

Bali Medical Center - Pusat Medis kami

Yayasan Klinik yang baru, sebuah proyek besar untuk organisasi kecil seperti kami. Itu ada, hidup, dan menyambut ribuan orang yang menderita setiap tahun.

The Fair Warung Bale oleh Fair Future Foundation

Berdasarkan prinsip swasembada, restoran sosial ini dengan bangga menyumbangkan 100% dari keuntungannya kepada yayasan untuk program perawatan medisnya.

Perawatan medis untuk orang-orang dan masyarakat yang membutuhkan

Pusat medis, perawatan di rumah, perawatan masyarakat. Terkadang lebih dari 500 pasien sehari 3x per bulan di daerah atau desa termiskin

Beberapa acara medis kami pada 2018

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