Yayasan Fair Future Foundation medias

Sebuah gambar bernilai ribuan kata. Sebuah antarmuka bernilai ribuan gambar...

Because often images speak louder and are better than all words.

Dear friends of the Fair Future Foundation, Madam, Sir, dear families,

For years now, the foundation has photographed, filmed and interviewed the people who are our patients, our collaborators, our friends and our volunteers.

But also, for our internal statistical data, so that we can remember each of them, and each of you, we store tens of thousands pictures and hundreds of hours of films.

These are so many incredible memories, so many moments of pure emotions and sometimes moments of laughter and tears that are written in the virtual ink of these publications.

Each of these images represents a instant of their life, a lifetime sometimes. Often it was the first time these people have been photographed!

And sometimes, we look at these images over and over, to remember that some people have really suffered, and that today thanks to all of us and to all of you, they are much better for a large majority of them.

Thank you very much to all of you for your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organisation.

Itu alasan yang bagus untuk membantu kami!

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