Sponsor saya, kontribusi saya, bantuan saya!

Buat perbedaan nyata dengan membantu kami mengubah masa depan orang-orang yang paling rentan

Your sponsorship allows us to provide lasting and concrete aid to over 30,000 people and their families. Thank you for your support!

Dear friends, Madam, Sir, dear families,

Becoming a sponsor of the Foundation is another opportunity we offer you. It's simple, it's efficient, and it will provide quality medical care in a sustainable way to all those who can not afford it.

A single small Swiss franc, it may seem trivial. But it is for us a little more than 20% of a simple medical treatment that you offer to those who are sick.

To give CHF.1.- per day is only CHF.30.- per month, you can help six malnourished or sick people to receive personalised medical care!

To give CHF.1,30.- per day is only CHF.39.- per month, you can help eight malnourished or sick people to receive personalised medical care!

To give CHF.1,70.- per day is only CHF.51.- per month, you can help ten malnourished or sick people to receive personalised medical care!

Beyond these amounts, it will only be more people than we could help!

By making a small donation, you will also support your own community and literally save lives with every penny given!

Dear friends, 100% of your donation, will be used by the Foundation to care people in need to fund +/- thousands of medical treatments/year here. 

This website is 100% secure. Bankings information to process the payment is encrypted using the SSL protocol. Data are not stored on our systems. As soon as your donation is made, you will receive a donation receipt for your tax return. Your donation(s) are therefore deductible on your tax return in Switzerland but also in all Schengen Area.

Thank you very much to all of you for, your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organisation.

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