Siapa yang melakukan apa? - Siapa itu?

Tim Yayasan berasal dari semua lapisan masyarakat. Dokter, perawat, penerima manfaat dan banyak lainnya ...

There are some pictures of those making the difference with the Foundation

The Staff of the Fair Future Foundation in Indonesia. “One team, one heart, one big family”.

These guys are truly amazing, and they are almost all from Indonesia, and they're giving so much time to care dozens of thousands of needy people every year.

You can meet them all to share a moment with them or send them an email. They will be delighted and happy. These people save lives, and the way they are doing it is unique in the entire world.

Those making this huge difference are Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Angel’s from the Fair Warung Balé without whom nothing would be possible! Working together, creating a big change!

Thank you very much for your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organisation.

Siapa orang yang membuat perubahan ini?

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  • Dr. Made Gunawan

    Kepala Staf Medis YBS

    Doc Gunawan, Kepala Staf Medis BSF sejak 2011 di Yayasan Bali Sari.

  • Doc. Komang Sri Purtini

    Dokter BSF

    Doc Purtini, kerka di program kesehatan masyarakat. Sejak 2012 bersama kami.

  • Ni Wayan Sintia Rahayu

    Perawat di YBS

    Sintia, perawat di yayasan, program perawatan kesehatan. Sejak 2011 bersama kami

  • I Made Adithya Raharja

    Perawat di YBS

    Made, perawat di yayasan, program perawatan kesehatan. Sejak 2015 bersama kami

  • Doc. Ni Made Artini

    Dokter umum di YBS

    Made Artini, MD di yayasan, program kesehatan. Sejak 2015 bersama kami

  • Fair Future Foundation Alex Wettstein

  • Ni Kadek Suwitri Wijana

    Pembinan YBS

    Kadek, sejak 2012 di yayasan. Dia adalah Pembina Bali Sari.

  • I Wayan Balik Sunatra

    Pengawas YBS

    Wayan, sejak 2016 di yayasan. Dia adalah Pengawas Bali Sari

  • Pande Yulia Sanjaya

    Ketua YBS

    Pande, direktur dari Yayasan Bali Sari, sejak April 2019.

  • Wayan Ista Bubung

    Bendahara YBS

    Ista, sejak 2012 di yayasan. Dia adalah bendahara Bali Sari.

  • I Gede Yande Yudiaris

    Secretary YBS

    Yande, sekretaris Yayasan Bali Sari sejak April 2019.

  • Alexandre Wettstein

    FFF CEO, founder

    Founder, CEO of the Fair Future Foundation - Medical staff - Volunteer

  • I Deva Putu Pramana

    Pengemudi ambulans

    Deva, sejak 2017 bersama kami, bekerja di rumah sakit yayasan

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