New Pediatric Hospital Gallery

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Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear friends,

Home Care 130817 12 s - New Pediatric Hospital GalleryWe are late, but my heart is filled with hope and we (I) fight like a lion. Patience is a virtue that I have learned here … No choice.

IT IS DONE!!!. A huge project for a small foundation like ours. Even if sometimes I feel very lonely, my role is to motivate those in charge, to push them to do even more, even better. I am proud of this path traveled all togetherBrick by brick, step by step… A sad day and the next day my heart is filled with joy again.

The hospital is now entirely finished. We need Medical equipment and devices. Our medical staff and the foundation board estimate around CHF. 174,000.- to acquire all the necessary medical equipment, that the Fair Future Foundation need to work. With this amount, we will be able to buy locally a sufficient quantity of medical equipment, here is a non-exhaustive list and you can help us here:

See here the list of medical equipment we need to buy See here the list of medical equipment we need to buy

We need all of you, really…

Without this medical equipment/devices, it will be extremely difficult for us (understand impossible) to work, it is for us and of course for the population that awaits, a capital emergency.

Pictures of the Pediatric Hospital Building, in a chronologic order

Alex talks about this medical equipment

heart...Take action here, to do with us, a bigger difference... All people in pain, need champions like YOU. Get involved, speak out, volunteer, or become a donor and give to everyone a fair chance to succeed...

After all, let’s not forget that everywhere in Indonesia, the vast majority of people do not have access to free medical care, that more than 90% of people do not have any health insurance...By Alex WettsteinThe (non) sharing of wealth. A world-scale madness! The suicide by ingestion of poison, of a whole family, a tragedy of the 21st century in a country where suicide is taboo. Reason of the suicide: PovertyBy Alex WettsteinWhen the most important politicians in charge do not recognize the situation, are not aware of the poverty of people, and refuse to accept what is happening right there, in front of them...By Alex Wettstein

Thank you for your kind attention, your help, and your benevolence.

 Alexandre Wettstein – President and Founder of both foundations

“Thank you” in many different languages?

donate-hashtag-640x121Merci, Terimah Kasih, Suksema, Trugéré, спасибо, thank you, go raibh maith agaibh, köszönöm, faleminderit, danke, grazie, gracias, chocrane, saha, terimah kasih, hvala, wado, zikomo, tak, tashakor, kyay tzu tin pa te, akpé, takk fyri, kiitos, vinaka, toda, diolch, taiku, aguyjé, aabhar, cám ơn, rahmat, дякую, m-sapo, teşekkür ederim, kurre sumanga, tualumba, yekeniele, dhanyavadalu, ขอบคุณครับ, nouari, waad mahadsantahay, meharbani, mulţumesc, najis tuke, sulpáy, obrigado, bayarlalaa, a ni kié, blagodaram, matondi, ačiū, paldies, gratias ago, tenki, spas, barak allahu fiik, a dank, o sheun, dankewol, Danke shöen, ευχαριστώ, d’akujem, marahaba… for your help, your kindness, your support