The Bali Sari Foundation - Guarantor of our local actions

An Indonesian foundation serving the poor, which makes all our medical actions possible on the Indonesian territory

An Indonesian state foundation, legal & recognized by its peers

The Fair Future Foundation (FFF) helped found the Bali Sari Foundation (BSF) in May 2013. The BSF is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) status recognized by the Indonesian authorities (Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in Jakarta).

The BSF can therefore practice medicine legally and throughout the Indonesian territory. This allows the BSF to put into practice the goals and objectives set by the FFF in a legal way. All activities of the BSF Foundation are carried out in conjunction with social services, public health departments and other departments that may interact with them.

The BSF is managed by its board of trustees composed of five Indonesian members. This foundation council must be renewed every five years, which was done in April 2019 with the nomination of four new personalities. The BSF pursues the same goals and objectives as its big sister the FFF. Alex, as a counselor and volunteer collaborator, plays an advisory role. He ensures that the Indonesian Foundation BSF, achieves good results in its work and transparent accounting.

A hundred people, all local to the service of the same cause: Helping, comfort, relieve, treat members of their community! And they are just too beautiful...

The Bali Sari Foundation (BSF), finances its socio-medical activities thanks to the income generated by its social restaurant, the Fair Warung Balé, but also by its communication / multimedia workshop and of course, by donations from the Fair Future Foundation (FFF), funding intended solely and exclusively for public health actions. The accounting of (BSF) is audited every year by the Indonesian government and it receives a new authorization to practice every year.

Thank you very much to all of you for, your benevolence and your great support for our Indonesian State Approved organization.

Pande Yulia Sanjaya - Director, Ketua of the Bali Sari Foundation

Some of our medical events in 2018

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