The Capung Sakti Villas by the Fair Future Foundation

Helpful, breathtaking, relaxing & so fair by the Fair Future Foundation – “One can make a difference; together we create change"

With us, give an other sense to your stay!

Capung Sakti Villas was founded by the Foundation in 2011 who’s 100% focused free health & medical care, in order to fund the Foundation.

The experienceexcellence you found there, you will retrieve in Capung Sakti Villas by the Fair Future Foundation. At the foundation Villas, people meet and share pieces of their life... This atmosphere will soon be taken up at the villas, and whether you rent the whole place or only a part of it, you will probably be surrounded by awesome people... and the foundation Angels too!

Give another meaning to your stay, and with us, be a part of the change with us at the Fair Future Foundation Villas!

A unique atmosphere and a unique concept worldwide as the famous Fair Warung Balé is. Remove yourself from the crowd, take time and relax. Feel the gentle touch of the Gods Island. Welcome to Capung Sakti Villas by the Fair Future Foundation!

Choose one or the other, or whole foundation villas if you are a big group or a big family and have a dream holiday with all of us, while helping those who need medical care! Magic...

Thank you very much to all of you for, your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organization.

Alexandre Wettstein – Founder, president of the Fair Future Foundation.

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