Galih & Untalan | 11.03.18 | Summary of our day | Over 400 patients treated this day

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Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear friends and dear families,

If last Sunday was a long day, the one of yesterday (March, 11th 2018) was for the medical team and some of the Fair Warung Balé Angel’s an even much more and hardlong, busy but beautiful day. We left earlier than last Sunday, from our Medical Center in Ubud around 5:30 am, a team composed of our two medical coordinators,  3 doctors, 6 nurses, 1 pharmacist, 2 board members of the Bali Sari Foundation, our photographer and 3 people from our office responsible for collecting patient data and the people who come to medical care days to support and help us on every event.

We went to Galih & Untalan, two very small villages from Desa Jungutan in Karangasem, at less than 2 km from the Agung Volcano. There, there are no “villages” in the proper sense, just isolated and very small houses in the jungle, the forest, on the slopes of the Agung Volcano. These people live within 2 kilometers of the volcano, right in the most important danger zone. All these families spent for some more than 6 months in the camps, some returned to their villages because the living conditions in these displaced camps are even harder than in their village…

Four of us left on a motorbike to enjoy the freshness of dawn and the rising sun. The medical team, 23 people in total, are divided into four cars.  It was also necessary to transport more than 300 kilograms of food, 200 kilograms of medicine, the medical equipment for examinations and medical care, as well as all the logistics needed for this kind of big event. It is each time a huge organization, trust me! So. it took us nearly two and a half hours to get to the first meeting point, with sometimes bumpy roads, full of holes, and also quite dangerous too…

We started treating the first patients around 8:30 AM, right there, at the foot of the volcano with this grandiose view of this angry monster. We were struck by the general condition of most of our patients, all sick, all lacking in food and suffering from a lack of vitamins. Obviously, the children and the elderly are the first victims of these deficiencies… An immense majority of sick children, the old people who suffer from problems of thinness, lack of being able to provide themselves an adequate food, or simply for lack of financial resources to obtain a suitable medical treatment, These people are very very poor… In fact, a woman who was about 55 years old was in severe pain, and our medical teams had to take her for emergency medical measures and then we transfer her to the hospital to receive a medical treatment. We pay for it…

During this day, we welcome and cared, comforted over 400 patients, newborns, a lot of young children, many teens, young adults, pregnant woman, very old people, some were not able to walk anymore. All those suffering from diseases and problems mainly related to fatigue, malnutrition, nutritional deficiencies, infections, skin diseases, untreated diabetes, infected wounds, many young children respiratory infections, lack of vitamins also. The list is too long, but some other various health problems were faced. After the second meeting point in Untalan, we went for some medical care “home care”, for people too sick or disabled to come to us.

Book a table to the Fair Warung Balé here To complete a day of medical care like that, we needed all of you. It is indeed a sum of nearly $ 2,000.- that it was necessary to offer free medical care to these more than 400 people in need. This amount comes from the activities of Fair Warung Balé, it comes from all of you who come to support us as many (but not enough…), every day in this unique place in the world, this little social restaurant that fund over 32,000 medical treatments every year. Magic!

Thank you very much for your interest, your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organization. Alex Wettstein – 12.03.2018

Three movies about this day

Some pictures we took during this day

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