Free Health & Medical Care Program for all

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daily work ad 270218 2 5 275x275 - Free Health & Medical Care Program for allDear Friends, dear Madam, dear Sir, and dear families,

Our Medical Centers and Home Care programs welcome almost 60 people per day. All Free Health & Medical Care days welcome sometimes more than 500 patients in one day.

After all, let’s not forget that everywhere in Indonesia, the majority of people do not have access to free medical care, that more than 90% of people do not have health insurance. That the healthcare system of Indonesia does not even provide the most elementary care to vast layers of the population. As I said in a former publication 

“ local population remains very vulnerable to malnutrition and cannot, for a vast majority, have access to medical care and to basic health”.

Our community health & medical care services are set up three times/month in the poorest areas or villages, taking in charge 250 to 750 patients each event. 
The average budget for each action varies from 2,500$US to 4,000$US. We come to an alarming observation, as people become increasingly poorer and most of them suffer from malnutrition.

daily work ad 270218 61 - Free Health & Medical Care Program for allWe usually welcome and cared, comforted over hundreds of patients on each medical event, and among them, newborns, a lot of young children, many teens, young adults, pregnant woman, very old people, some were not able to walk anymore. All those suffering from diseases and problems mainly related to fatiguemalnutrition, nutritional deficienciesinfections, skin diseases, untreated diabetes, infected wounds, many young kids are suffering from respiratory infections, asthma, chronic bronchitis, lack of vitamins, also. The list is too long, but some other various health problems are faced every day.

The Foundation main engagements are:
  1. To Care and treat tens of thousands poor, sick, disable, disadvantaged human beings per year. In 2013 – 18’650 | 2014 – 22’150 | 2015 – 29’850 | 2016 – 30’450 | 2017 – 32’730 and in 2018 probably much more with our new hospital;
  2. To Improve the daily life of the local community in suffering, including medical prevention;
  3. To Develop major projects related to Free access to Health & Medical care;
  4. To Build and Operate its own Pediatric Hospital to treat thousands of children annually;
  5. To Work within the framework of so-called “emergency actions”;
  6. To Take care of people in danger, abandoned children, street children, victims of various types of trafficking;
  7. To Provide support for families in priority difficulty after a natural disaster, a shortage of water and/or food, or suffering from an epidemic;
  8. The Foundation is not for profit, it is a pure public utility organization.

When wealth is not shared!

About the medical equipment we need urgently

We need all of you, really…

For our new hospital, the Fair Future Foundation need 6 to 8 hospital electric beds and annexes, an surgical table, an ultrasound machine, an echography machine, many surgical instruments, two monitors pre-post surgery, infusion equipment and automatic pomp, one ECG device, various medical equipment for small medico-surgical procedures, 2-3 wheelchairs, laboratory devices and equipment, oxygen therapy equipment, stainless steel hardware and furniture, hospital pharmacy furniture and all the small medical equipment that we actually need urgently.

All this equipment must be produced in Asia and licensed in Indonesia. So, everything will have to be bought right here in Indonesia. You can help us here if you want to participate. Thank you so so so much.

Since August 2014, a Free Home Care Service has been dedicated to disabled, malnourished, or those who are unable to move to one of our medical centers.

heart...Take action here, to do with us, a bigger difference... All people in pain, need champions like YOU. Get involved, speak out, volunteer, or become a donor and give to everyone a fair chance to succeed...

Thank you for your kind attention, your help, and your benevolence.

 Alexandre Wettstein – President and Founder of both foundations

“Thank you” in many different languages?

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