Equipment phase of the new Fair Future Foundation Hospital

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hosp anjingan 240518 5 s - Equipment phase of the new Fair Future Foundation HospitalDear Madam, dear Sir, dear friends and dear families,

Fair Future Foundation Hospital – Equipment phase started| Since the end of April 2018, we have started the equipment phase of our new hospital. It’s real now and this is a new big step for this incredible human project. We truly believe that this success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence. And trust me, it was hard work, we failed sometimes, we loose patience, but never we have lost faith, or wanted to give up.

The different positions of this equipment can be summarized as follows: Laboratory – Medical Devices – Surgical equipment – Hemodialysis – Laboratory equipment – Physiotherapy – Pharmacy and stock – Ambulance – Emergency services – Sterilization – Maintenance and cleaning of premises – Office and IT – Kitchen – Lingerie – Emergency generator – Medical supplies and Landscaping.

Note: For french speakers, you can have a look to this presentation file here and on the online keynote presentation on iCloud here too.

The last big obstacle is the lack of funds to acquire the necessary medical equipment to be able to operate, treat and care the sick, injured people who make our daily life on the field since more than 7 years now. In this sense, you can help us by making a donation via our website here. On June 18, Alex will travel to Switzerland to find the funds that are absolutely necessary to us, to acquire all the missing medical equipment. Indeed, we miss nearly 90% of this equipment to be able to open completely our new medical structure.

Thank you very much for your interest, your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organization. Alex Wettstein – 06.06.2018

The equipment of our hospital which started at the end of April 2018

Give for medical equipment/devices for our new medical center

$171,138 of $175,000 raised

banner12m 960 1024x48 - Equipment phase of the new Fair Future Foundation HospitalDear Madam, dear Sir, dear friends and dear family,

The Fair Future Foundation has built a brand new hospital to provide FREE quality medical care. All of us, including you, have funded almost $ 500,000.- to complete this project.

Now, our medical staff and the foundation board estimate around CHF 175,000.- to acquire all the necessary medical equipment, that the Fair Future Foundation need to work. With this amount, we will be able to buy locally a sufficient quantity of medical equipment, here is a non-exhaustive list that you can see here.

  • 25.05.2018 update: You can also have a look to the French presentation about this project here on this page;
  • 26.06.2018 update: The Fair Future Foundation, winner of the 2018 BCV Solidarity Fund and received CHF 150,000.- for this project;
  • 07.07.2018 update: It’s just missing a little bit more than $ 3,500.- This amount will be used to buy a defibrillator (about $ 4,000,- or IDR 60,000,000.-);
  • 12.07.2018 update: CHF.47,000.- (IDR.674,542,673.-) were transferred today to our Indonesian bank account- read more here.

Without this medical equipment/devices, it will be extremely difficult for us (understand impossible) to work, it is for us and of course for the population that awaits, a capital emergency.

With heart and love.

Alexandre Wettstein – President and Founder of both foundations – Updated on the 12.07.2018

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