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Daily Work in few picts

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Donation for dentistry equipment

$5,499 of $5,499 raised

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Dear Madam, dear Sir, dear friends and dear families,

As part of our hospital, we have been mandated to provide dental medical care for people in need in the framework of your medical activities.

These are the objectives of this participatory approach:

  • Developing and increasing the dentistry in oral surgery, orthodontics and prosthetics in our area;
  • Developing dental health care centers in teaching hospitals and increasing the referral system especially for the elderly;
  • Improving promotive oral health care in the community, especially for preschool, school children and pregnant woman in all community health centers through active community participation;
  • Increasing the use of promotive, preventive and simple curative dental health care for school children in all community health centers that have dental facilities;
  • Improving basic dental health care services in community health centers;
  • Increasing the use of systemic fluoridation to prevent caries in provinces;
  • Improving the skills and knowledge of dentists, dental nurses and dental technicians in community health centers and hospitals.
This is the equipment we need…

The foundation having brand new premises in the hospital, we decided to develop this service in collaboration with dentists who will give of their time, in favor of the foundation and patients suffering from dental pain. Remember that the needs are huge here for both adults and children, because nothing is done in this country to encourage people to have good dental hygiene. This often results in terrible teeth to see, causing terrible pain.

All medical care costing too much for people in need, they simply don’t treat themselves, so people do not receive appropriate medical treatment. As medical car, access to dental health care has a significant impact in improving citizens’ dental health status, which in turn improves the national quality of life. Nonetheless, economic and geographic barriers to access dental care still exist in Indonesia.

The dental care center will take place in our new hospital, it will be open every day and will offer, in addition to medical care, advanced dental care.

The quotes we received totaled approximately $ 5,561.-, which included all the necessary materials, including basic medical instruments to be able to do dental work

The foundation now must look the ways to buy this dental equipment in order to make us available to patients and to do that, we already have taken some steps to acquire the right equipment. We’ve decided to opt for material from China, but of very good quality, which meets the needs of dentists who will work with us. In fact, this is their recommandation.

The dental unit chosen by the dentist team

Thank you very much for your interest, your benevolence and your great support for our Swiss State Approved organization. Alex Wettstein – 25.04.2018

Here you can take a look at all our galleries related to our medical events Here you can take a look at all our galleries related to our medical events

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Help us to acquire this dental medical equipment

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