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“I’m thankful to all those who said no, it’s because of them I did it myself…”

Dear Madam, Dear Sir, Dear Friends,

Here are some (many) official documents in a list to download, in .pdf format, about the Swiss State Approved Fair Future Foundation.

It’s with great pleasure, that we put at your disposal, all of these downloadable documents.

Please note, that only the electronic versions, located on this website are authentic.

Thank you very much – Alex Wettstein

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Projects, legal & official documents, logos, information, files, illustrations etc…

1. The Fair Future Foundation Brochure
  • Download | TéléchargerENGLISH – There is the New Brochure of the Fair Future Foundation. This important document, was created by Ariane HOCHET, a young woman of 21 years old, who studies Communication and Marketing in Lyon, France (from ISCOM), Dorothée CASALIN & Myriam TIJANI, from France also. We often update our Brochure.
2. The New Children's Hospital - Pediatric Center
  • Download | TéléchargerENGLISH – The Project – A New Free Pediatric Center and Hospital for People in need, by the Fair Future Foundation;
  • Download | Télécharger : INDONESIAN – The Blueprint of the New Pediatric Hospital;
  • Download | TéléchargerINDONESIAN – Official prices and quotation, approved by the national authorities, of the New Pediatric Hospital;
  • Download | TéléchargerENGLISH – The whole file about the New Pediatric Hospital, to the attention of all of you, (including Medias, Press, TV, donators, sponsors, States etc…) – 11 Mo in a .Zip file;
  • Download | Télécharger : ENGLISH – How to help us, how to donate to fund this project for humanity.
  • Download | TéléchargerENGLISH – In Few Words, in one page? What we do?

3. Official documents, recognition of Public Utility, deeds, Swiss commercial Registry, charter and bylaws of the Foundation etc...

4. Officials Audit & Accounting Reports - To the attention of Swiss Confederation, DFAE and all donators

5. Operational documents, or needs, Health Medical Centers, explanations and presentations etc...

6. Posters, flyers, stickers some more information etc...

7. Swiss and Indonesian Organization Chart
  • Download | TéléchargerENGLISH – The latest version of our Swiss State Approve Foundation, Organizational Chart;
  • Download | TéléchargerENGLISH – The latest version of our Indonesian State Approve Foundation, Organizational Chart;
  • Download | Télécharger : ENGLISH – How to help us, how to donate to fund all our projects for humanity.

8. The Fair Warung Balé - One Meal & One drink for Free Health-Medical Care

9. Official Structures Logos & Stickers - Hashtag logo

10. Official Business Card and others

Thank you for your kind attention, your help and your benevolence.

Alexandre Wettstein – President and Founder of both foundations

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The Fair Future Foundation Brochure

Fair Future Foundation brochure