Be cool to be alive & healthy – Ten A/C units for the new hospital

“Our new Pediatric Hospital needs you: Be cool to be alive & healthy – We need ten A/C units for this new facilities “

Dear Friends, dear Madam, dear Sir, ground works are currently at their final stage and we are quickly approaching the time when we are finally able to set up the furniture in all the rooms of the hospital: Beds, equipment of the surgical rooms, etc.…

Thank you all again and again for your amazing support and help!

The foundation is now actively looking for ten (10) AC units to install in the rooms. Indeed the children’s treatments and prompt recovery also depend on a sane and healthy environment where the hot humid temperature of Indonesia will definitely become a terrible constraint. Sadly, we all know how bacterias love a tropical weather!! Furthermore, the working conditions and  efficiency of the medical staff and surgeons would of course greatly benefit from it.

To give you a rough idea, the cost of ten (10) AC units Daikin© Inverter and set-up is about U$D. 5’000.-

We are calling on your generosity, kindness and also imagination to help us find a way to get there. The Foundation welcomes actual material or financial donations.

Please spread the word, donate if you can. We are committed to save these children in need and we trust that you are too.

How? by donating to our Swiss Foundation here

Fundraising campaign for 10 A/C units for our new Pediatric Hospital - Be cool to be alive & healthy

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Latest donations:
  • 2016/06/26 5:32 PM Julian Lusardi donated $ 50.00
  • 2016/06/22 4:06 PM Alexandre Wettstein Wettstein donated $ 100.00

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