Fair Future Foundation a Swiss State Approved Foundation
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    The Foudation Staff in few pictures

    Some pictures of those making the difference with the Foundation, caring dozens of thousands of needy people per year. These guy’s are simply amazing and they are almost all from Indonesia. They are : Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Angel’s from the Fair Warung Balé without whom noting would be possible. These people save lives and the way they are doing it, is totally unique in the whole world.

    Staff gallery

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    History of the Foundation

    In early 2006, Sarah & Alex founded the Fair Future Foundation, a Swiss State Approved foundation, recognized of Pure Public Utility and Tax Exempted. This foundation is purely dedicated to provide the people and children of Indonesia with free healthcare through several Community and home healthcare services. Free Health & Medical Care for all – A model for the future of humanity Dream or reality? You get to choose… if you stay on the sidelines or get in the game.

    Some history

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    Petitioning Fair Future Foundation - Swiss State Approved Foundation

    Dear friends. Anyone who wants to make a difference in Indonesia/Bali, in favor of childrens from all the country; so Support Us! Raising Money to start an Indonesian Children's Hospital in Bali and Sign our Petition on Change.org - The Fair Future Foundation will help them Indonesian kids with this New Hospital, specially dedicated for them.

    Sign our petition here

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    The New Fair Future Children's Hospital

    We want to make Health & Medical care more accessible for Indonesian babies and children. To take things further, here at Fair Future Foundation we are now in the process of constructing a Pediatric Center dedicated to every Indonesian child, to treat serious medical cases, such as cases of reconstructive, digestive, orthopedic, abdominal and heart surgery. Opening in September 2016

    Children's Hospital infos here

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    We provide global solution, for families & community

    Dear friends, the foundation help not only individual people, but it take care also of the local community. An impressive poverty is more present all around Indonesia, in Bali too. What is the Solution? Simply GIVE BACK. What we do in our Free Medicals Centers, our Health Care facilities, nearly entirely founds by the Fair Warung Balé, is probably one of the way to follow. Thank you.

    You can help us!

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    Next Free Community Medical & Health Care Day

    We are happy to announce you that next Free Health & Medical Care Day, to care +/- 800 sick and poor people, is schedule for June and July 16 (4x). If you want to come to help us, you're welcome. Please let us know by PM. Each event will cost us around 3'000$US and it's entirely founded by the Fair Warung Balé. Help us www.fairfuturefoundation.org/donate/. With love.

    Free Health Care Infos

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    Make a Donation & save lives

    The Foundation provide them Free Health & Medical Care Solutions, trough our Medical Centers, Home Care Programs & Community Health Medical Care Events all around in Indonesia. Our patients are coming from everywhere: Newborns, babies, kids, teenagers, adults, elderly, pregnant women, disable people, patients suffering from all forms of diseases etc… One of our current project, started about a year ago, is the construction of nothing less than a free pediatric hospital which is now nearly completed.

    Learn More

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    Free Community Health & Medical Care

    The foundation treat more than 25'000 people per year, without consideration of race, religion, origin, age, color. At least two times per month, all Medical Team and Foundation Staff go to one area and care few hundreds patients in one day, babies, kids, teenagers, adults, elderly people etc... Thank you for your great support.

    All our movies here

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    Support, help the Foundation

    Dear Friends, If you wish, you can take an active part and help us to treat people, children’s, elderly, and all disadvantaged communities and this for 100% FREE. So they can access to their rights, the one to have Free Access to Medical/Health Care. Thank you very much for them.

    Make a donation

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    A new Hope, one new hospital

    One of our current project, started about a year ago, is the construction of nothing less than a free pediatric hospital which is now nearly completed. Its main purpose is to accommodate over 1’000 disadvantaged kids per year coming from all over Indonesia. It will cover multiple areas of surgeries such as: reconstructive, digestive, orthopedic, even heart surgery; as well as various physical disabilities.

    Hospital gallery

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    We care more 30,000 people per year

    Dear friends, the future depends on what we do today. Healthcare is a Human Right, it's also our mission. Today, we have the same results as what makes a big NGO, while we are very small. How is this possible? Have a look our brochure to understand. With love.

    Our brochure is yours

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    Home Care for People in Need in Indonesia

    Dear Friends, the Foundation Medical Team, the Bali Sari Clinic give Free Health & Medical Care for everyone in Need. One clinic, one mobile clinic, home care services to build a better world for everyone. Almost 60 people per day - Medical care events for sometimes more than 700 patients in one day. It’s representing almost 29,000 patients to care each year. Besides showing your trust and commitment to a great humanitarian cause and making a real difference in the daily life of thousands of human beings, kindly consider the foundation benefits.

    More infos about it

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    What we do? How such miracle is possible?

    Dear friends, it's a miracle yes. How to build a Pediatric Hospital, how to care & treat more than 27’000 patient per year with a small social warung? With Nasi Goreng, Mie Goreng, juices? How a New Economic Model, give back to the poorest and people who are really in need and definitely not the richest people? Imagine and make a better & Fairest world.

    Our Brochure here

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    The Unique Fair Warung Balé

    A unique model worldwide based on the principle of self sufficiency, its prides itself in giving back 100% of its profits to the foundation & its Free Health & Medical Care programs. Even further than a project funding power-engine, the Fair Warung Balé provides a social structure to help young adults between 15 and 20 years old to learn a job. This is actually the only “restaurant” worldwide, that supports & funds a Massive Public Healthcare Programs.

    Read more about the FWB

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    What we do every day, to help people in need?

    Dear friends, there is some Pictures of the Fair Future Foundation daily work, how we care almost 30,000 people per year… Unique Concept Worldwide - The Fair Future Foundation and the Bali Sari Foundation care and treat tens of thousands poor, sick, disable, disadvantaged human beings per year, without consideration of race, religion, origin, age, color. We need all of you to continue this stunning challenge, to continue to care needy people. Healthcare is a human right - Right to be healthy for all.

    Watch some pictures

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    Contact us - Contactez-nous

    Dear friends, do you wish to contact us? Do you want to help us? Do you want ti work with us? You want to make a gift? A donation? Medical supplies, goods, devices, etc? Feel free to contact us here. It’s amazing to see how much we can do, when no one is in search of individual glory isn't?

    Contact us

swiss_madeIf you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.

Dear Friends, Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

bs-apuan-48We wish you all a very warm welcome to the Fair Future Foundation website, a Swiss Foundation recognized Pure Public UtilityTax Exempted & State Approved by the Canton of Vaud and the Swiss Confederation, also State Approved by the Ministry of Justice & Human Rights in Indonesia.

The Foundation, made in Switzerland

The Fair Future Foundation was founded by Alex & Sarah in 2006. In 2011, the Indonesian foundation, the Bali Sari Foundation was created with sole purpose to develop the solidarity and philanthropy actions of the Swiss Fair Future Foundation. 

bs-apuan-40Their main engagements are to: 

  • Care and treat tens of thousands poor, sick, disable, disadvantaged human beings per year;
    • In 2013 – 18’000 | 2014 – 22’000 | 2015 – 29’800;
  • Improve the daily life of the local community in suffering, including medical prevention;
  • Develop major projects related to access to Free Health & Medical care;
  • Build and Operate its own Pediatric Hospital to treat thousands of children annually.

Support the Foundation through Paypal & Make the Difference with us

The Fair Warung Balégivechance-960x128

Those engagements are mainly financed by the Fair Warung Balé, this Pure Social «Resto», created by Alex & Eka in 2011, which also trains young adults aged between 16 and 20 years old, who have had or have social, medical or economic difficulties.

The Fair Warung Balé is the cornerstone of a new economic model Unique Worldwide, which strives in giving back profits and 100% of its benefits to the poorest, to the new Children’s hospital and to people who are truly in need.

Book a table to the Fair Warung Balé here The only “restaurantworldwide, which supports and funds a Comprehensive & Massive Public Health & Medical Care Program, including Medical Centers & a Large Medical team, consisting of more than fifteen Health Professionals, for over than 30,000 needy people per year.

Our Social resto provides +/- 70% of the Foundation funds & is self-sufficient!

Our Daily Work at the Foundation – Fully Paid by the Fair Warung Balé, by all of you